Astronomy at IDEA TO GEAR

Idea2Gear offers the production of astronomical telescopes and mounts. We can assess existing optics and produce an in depth test report (see an example (written in German)). Our experience includes construction of astronomical telescops including the optical layout.

especially we offer: Off the shelf Newtonian constructions exist in the range from 6" to 35". 6", 8" and 10" are available as full tubes, 10" to 35" as truss tubes. For the limits of custom made instruments have a look at the machine list and limits page.

The inner surface treatment of the tubes provides for a very dark sky, avoiding a loss of backfocus usually incured by baffles.
High qualitiy is a premium target for us, so we usually work tubes and spiders in aluminium and stainless steel. Fibre rainforced resins are available as well, for other materials, we should have a talk.
Counter weights are made of low carbon steel, with a surface treatment to your specification.

As a reference design with goals and solutions, you can read about my own tube here.
For astro-related information also have a look at our event calendar.
- If you have a special problem, not mentioned here, just ask!